Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dr. Oetker's Fabulous Home Bakery Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr. Oetker for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Dr. August Oetker invented baking powder* back in the 1890s, and after that he never looked back (except to check what was in the oven, of course). I have always liked his custard mixes, and I also own a 1963 Dr. Oetker cookbook which is one of my great treasures. I look through it pretty often, testing out my German (which is rather half-baked, so to speak) and admire the pictures - especially one of a tremendous Black Forest cake with asymmetrical bands of white cream and chocolate (I don’t know how they did that, but it looks great).

But Dr. Oetker does not only make you delicious desserts, oh no! He is, after all, a doctor, and realizes the importance of a nice dinner (and then you can have your dessert). He also makes frozen pizzas of all sorts. And if you are a Canadian resident who likes pizza, then you are in for a culinary and monetary treat!

I should tell you that I buy Dr. Oetker pizzas regularly, and we really like them. I usually have a few in the downstairs freezer to have on those nights when I haven’t whipped up something incredible (or even edible), and they never let me down: they are always delicious. Panebello Bakery Crust Pizza is Dr. Oetker’s latest innovation, and is it a delicious one: frozen pizza with a great crispy crust and one of four delightful toppings - take your pick from Country Pepperoni, Classic Canadian, Vegetables and Goats Cheese and Bruschetta. You can buy them at most major groceries in Canada for $5.99 to $6.49. You can go over to visit for the nutritional information, too.

And not only that, but Dr. Oetker is giving you and me the chance to win 1 of 5 Home Bakery Bundle Giveaway packs, each of which is worth $500!

Hungry for for information? But of course: each of the 5 prize packs contains 8 coupons for each of the four new varieties of Dr. Oetker Panebello Pizza: Vegetables and Goat Cheese, Country Pepperoni, Classic Canadian and Bruschetta. But this Bakery Bundle is not just a package of coupons! You will also receive: a Breville Toaster Oven, a pair of Dr. Oetker oven mitts, a Dr. Oetker Pizza Cutter, and 1 Williams-Sonoma Pizza Peel.

In other words: this is a totally amazing offer! It is just for Canadian residents, though (sorry, American friends and readers!).The details are over at and the contest is running between May 4 and June 13, 2011.

So you and I both should get over there and enter. I am especially keen to own a pair of Dr. Oetker oven mitts - I am hoping they are representation of Dr. August Oetker (my hopes aren’t high, but still). And then I can make my hands converse in German together - about recipes! What fun.

*Alfred Bird of England also invented baking powder in the 1840s, according to my sources (Wikipedia, ahem). I say let’s give them both credit. Alfred Bird is better known for his custard powder, anyway. Oh, and the pizza image is from Wikimedia Commons;  and the cookbook cover is from me.

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Petra said...

You own an old german cookbook from Dr. Oetker? How fun is that! Are the pictures already in colours? As a child I loved to look at the pictures of the Dr. Oetker Backbuch from my mother though the pictures were just black and white. It had also this great Black Forest Cake, one of the favorites of my childhood. - Dr. Oetker had a pharmacy but he didn't invent baking powder. His innovation was to put it in little packages and each one was just the right amount for one cake.

Lidian said...

Petra - Yes, most of the pictures are in color and they are wonderful - I really should write about some of the recipes in it. I also have a 1950s German cookbook in fraktur which makes it hard for me to read, though it is lovely to look at.

Thanks for the clarification about Dr. Oetker. I love his little packages of vanilla Sugar - just found some in my cupboard this week!

The Black Forest cake is one of our family favorites, too - fitting since one of my gg grandmothers came from the Black Forest!

Canada said...

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Duni said...

My mom has several Dr. Oetker cookbooks, including the original Dr. Oetker Backen (Baking).
We love his cakes!

Marcheline said...

Never heard of this dude, but now you've got me craving pizza. In a house that's entirely on a no-carb diet. Excuse me while I go and scream into my pillow for a bit.