Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moon Renovation Power!

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Some day you're going to do something about that upper hall floor...

Oh hello there, Armstrong's Linoleum Floors. Didn't see you there under the pile of books and stuff. I'm fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.

And yes...someday I really am going to do something about that upper hall floor. And about the way the hall rug clashes with the wallpaper. And maybe I'll take down that spiky 1930s disco ball thing hanging from the ceiling so it doesn't drop on my head when I'm bringing the laundry upstairs.

The floor is actually linoleum that looks like wood, though. I can give you that, at least. Although when I first saw this ad, I thought it was the Before picture, because the rug looks like its hiding Bad Floor. We do that, too. We are going to refinish the living/dining room wooden floors one of these days (for which read: maybe never, because we are kind of busy and also kind of tired) but in the meantime: hello, area carpeting! But ours is not pink and yellow and does not almost-match the walls.

1930s version of Imperium Crystal
I really, really wish we had a 1930 Spiky Disco ball, though. It looks like the crystals in Sailor Moon.  I am going to try and find a picture of one for you. Oh, here we go. This is the Imperium Silver Crystal we have here - so I reckon there's something going on with this upper hall that has nothing to do with the flooring.

In fact, we may need a whole new backstory for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon in the 1930s, redecorating and renovating houses with linoleum and flashy wallpaper and colored glass bottles in the windows. Moon Renovation Power! She uses her wand and magic locket to transform houses that are dark and shabby. Because the Bad Guys let them get all run down and shabby, you see. And she always leaves her designer trademark hanging from the ceiling.

Maybe she can come to my house when she has a minute and refinish our floors.

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Mary O'Grady said...

That light fixture looks like a kind that is often hand-made in central Mexico. Many people here in Texas like these star-shaped lanterns, for indoor use or as distinctive porch lights.
P.s. I love this blog! Thank you!