Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Armed and Mangerous

Life, Oct. 9, 1939
Believe me, Glover's System has what it takes!

Believe me, we don't really want to know about your mange. We are delighted that you are so pleased about it, though. Mr. Glover's System includes Mange Medicine - in the bottle the guy is holding so happily - and Medicated Soap to put on your hair. And Systematic Massage. Which just means rubbing the soap in your hair. Don't just dab it on and leave it.

Glover also called his beautifying elixir Glover's Imperial Sarcoptic Medicine. That is a great name, is it not?* Redolent of ancient Egypt. Also redolent of - poisons! Because, according to this site, this stuff is actually pretty toxic.

They still make Glover's Mange Medicine, though.  I assume that this is not so toxic. Look right over here and you can see. It is for pets, though. Because mange is a skin irritation caused by mites, most commonly seen in - well, animals. Not 1930s guys who look like Zeppo Marx. But Zeppo's problem seems to have arisen from "neglecting and abusing" his hair, not from - mites. I think. But please just keep your distance, sir, anyway. We can all see your exciting Mange Medicine bottle just fine from over here.

*Too bad "sarcoptic" refers to scabies mites and not sarcophagi.


Kori Donahue said...

Interesting post! Hope you're having a great week honey!

I'm having a fabulous giveaway including a signed copy of my novel! I hope you can enter! Have a great day. Kori xoxo

Barbara said...

Man, that guy must have had a hard time getting dates, what with mange and all. I wonder if his eyebrows fell out...oh well, thank goodness for Dr. Glover!

vanilla said...

Yes, well some of us have forgotten the battles fought once upon a time to give us the sleek, shiny, and parasite-free life-style we live today. ;-)

Relax Max said...

I used to abuse my hair. I am still ashamed.

Marcheline said...

Am still laughing about the title you cooked up for this one... HA!