Friday, June 17, 2011

Just What You've Always Wanted

So that's what I've always wanted! I never knew. I thought I wanted a beautiful rustic house with mod cons, on an island. Maybe a bit of private beach, too. Oh, and an iPad would be nice. To tell you the truth, belted shiny coats really haven't even made my Top Ten.

Also: as soon as I saw the word "Cresco" I thought of Crisco, that white lardy stuff that comes in bricks, wrapped in white paper and housed in a totally flimsy cardboard box. You cut a piece of Crisco to use when someone begs for a pie at holiday time and flatters you with that classic line, "oh, but your piecrust is SO great!" And it IS the holidays, and don't we have some Crisco at the back of the fridge anyway? Why yes, we do, as luck would have it. So you fling some flour into a mixing bowl and gently hurl a piece of Crisco in after it, cursing softly.

And then you try to rewrap the decimated Crisco brick in the white paper, but it is a mess, and good luck sticking the whole thing back in its box. And it's all over your hands and eww, you really really HATE making piecrust even though, yes, you must admit, your piecrust is pretty awesome. But not worth wrestling with Crisco, really.

Anyway...I think someone else got tired of trying to make it into pies because they seem to have used it to polish the Aviation Tan (with Mountain Brown accents), Tailored Leather Coat that you see before you on the left.

The Cresco Guy does look really happy, though. Maybe he can come over (via a handy time machine of course) and make some piecrust instead of me doing it. That's not quite what I've always wanted - but we're getting closer!


plumbing supplies said...

The private room we reserved had a gorgeous crystal chandelier, big, comfortable, cushioned chairs and an ample wooden table. The food (kosher dairy) is fresh and appetizing. The usual quiches, salads, and pasta were on the menu, the difference being that they were obviously hand-made, with care, each with its little innovative twist. The pastries looked rich and amazingly decadent. A good setting for six foodies getting to know each other.

Marcheline said...

Confused by the previous comment.


Nothing says "I really care" like spending a whole $13.95 on a gift! Especially a CRESCO!