Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, Bee Hat!

What's your favorite hat? I like a navy wool beret in the winter, because it is the only hat that looks halfway decent on me. And in the summer, I rejoice in a Mountain Equipment Co-op sun hat - slate colored, with a large brim, so that I feel like I am wearing a small umbrella. I think it looks rather comical, but it keeps the sun from turning my face into a burnt prune. That's good.

But if you want to party like it's 1949, you might want to make your favorite hat a Bee Hat, made from St. Louis' finest felt.

George Montgomery, who is looking a little uncertain about his Bee Hat, was an actor and stuntman who was married to Dinah Shore and also made furniture and had his own cabinet-making business. I suspect that he does not really like the huge fedora that is perched on his head like - like a fruit bowl on top of a cabinet.

But Kurt Kreuger clearly loves the snappy felt not-quite-a-cowboy-hat that he is sporting. According to Wikipedia, he was once the "third most requested actor at 20th Century Fox." Which is a little weird and sad, really. Who were the first and second most requested actors? I wonder if this was the Third Most Requested Hat at 20th Century Fox?


Mimi said...

Those hats look studly. All men should have one. Or two. They could wear both at the same time for maximum studliness

chubskulit said...

Hi Lidian, thanks for dropping by one of my sites. About your question, yup comfort room is rest room hahaha, sorry for the confusion. I just got used to how it is addressed in the country where I came from.