Friday, June 17, 2011

The Reactionary Lifter

Even back in 1890, people were beginning to think about the correlation between health and exercise - as you can see in the advertisement on the left, which shows an elegantly dressed lady standing on what looks like a very primitive sort of treadmill. Perhaps she ought to know that you can't just stand there, you need to do something.

The Reactionary Lifter was invented in 1871 and, according to another ad in the collection of the New York Bar Association (link here), gentlemen and ladies were guaranteed to double their strength in three months "without necessitating a change of clothes." Just come in from that grand party, take off your wraps, and clamber aboard!

Now, once you come away from the Lifter, you need to have something a trifle more dependable to help preserve your health. Brisk walks, balanced meals, and -  perhaps a little insurance. There was insurance - life and fire insurance mainly, back in the Victorian era. Health insurance was first available as "accident insurance" in the 1850s, but the modern version dates from the early 1900s. Medicare news, or rather its equivalent, was not as easy to find back then as it is now. But now you have a lot of choices about how much insurance you would like to have. Medicare supplements are a good way of making sure that you have all the coverage that you need. Final Expense Insurance is also a good idea when you're planning far into the future.

Then once you've got that covered, you can dress up in your finest mutton-sleeved gown and go stand on the Reactionary Lifter again. Look how serene the ad lady looks! Just as if she had set up a great deal of insurance for herself, wouldn't you say? I am quite sure that you will feel - as the ad says - your "health restored" and your circulation positively invigorated. And you won't even need to change into your sweatpants.

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