Monday, July 11, 2011

And Then Some

Life, July 15, 1946
A feast for the eyes - and then some!

To tell you the truth, it's the "and then some" part that is really worrying me. I don't know if you can see this in all its detailed glory. Hmmm. Here's the big version. The retro Post-It note that unfortunately is not covering up that sad excuse for a meal is telling us to "trust things in cans" because they are fresh and not overcooked. Um, OK.

This is obviously a patriotic act, too,* because a golden eagle holding a red white and blue banner is hovering over that plate of - what the heck is on it, anyway? Overcooked hot dogs weighed down by a half-cylinder of...something beige and solid from a can. Oh, look - the caption tells us what we're having for dinner here:

Bountiful buffet...jellied tomato bouillon, crackers, deviled ham, Vienna sausage, sliced liver loaf, tongue and chicken; hot corn pudding; vegetables for salad, honey for hot biscuits, iced tea...and they all come to you in cans!

But I just don't want them all to "come to me in cans." It sounds ominous - cans with little metallic feet, in a double line. Just like 1960s kids on a grade school trip, remember that? "Form a line and hold your partner's hand" - and it was always someone you didn't want to know about, and everyone's hands were all sticky and - ugh. Anyway, yes, Cans. Salad vegetables from cans? Please tell me the lettuce in the ad is not from a can. Because, as Yeats would tell us if he was coming over for dinner, lettuce "once out of nature"** should never go near anyone's plate.

And that goes double for the liver loaf.

* You can write that biting (hah) political essay that makes analogies between the deviled ham and Senator McCarthy, yourself.


vanilla said...

Oof-da. This is the first time you have posted and made me sick.

Sorry. The very thought of "liver loaf" does me in.

Marcheline said...

Teachers always wanted kids to hold hands. Vienna sausages look like what the boys wanted the girls to hold.

Cari Hislop said...

I once went on a road trip with my grandfather to pick up my grandmother and we stopped off to eat the lunch he'd packed. On finding I was expected to eat Viennese Sausages (yucky little hot dogs in a can) I made my displeasure known. There was no, I'll stop off at a McDonalds and get you a cheap burger...Oh no! Eat your Viennese sausages or go hungry. I love that memory of spending time with Grandpa. Thank goodness he didn't pack liver loaf or sardines. I would have gone hungry.