Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Clever Hostess

Life, July 1, 1940
-Good dinner, wasn't it? Joan's a clever hostess.
-I must ask her where she got those wonderful big tender Frankfurts. Weren't they delicious?

It looks like the car is talking in the ad - maybe it is - but I guess not. The Guests are talking on the way home from another one of Joan's creative culinary endeavors. Try reading that little mini scene in sarcastic voices, though. Add mocking laughter at the end. Yeah, ask her where she got them so we know not to shop there.

Last time, we saw just how brilliant Things In Cans can be. Maybe Joan's clever dinner didn't come out of a can, exactly (though maybe what it's sitting on did, who knows) - but still. Hot dogs? This is clever?

Perhaps they tell jokes. Maybe Joan tells jokes. Or they could even be a double act. They do "Witty Songs and Sayings" - which is the name of one of Fred and Ethel Mertz's old vaudeville routines. Which you just know from the name will positively full of UGH. Just like Joan's dinner.

Oh, and I just noticed this  - that is one place setting. So that is not the service platter for the whole dinner party - that's one serving. No side dishes. No nothing. Just a bunch of hot dogs sitting on a plateful of frilly stuff. Where on earth is Hot Dan the Mustard Man when you need him?

Good thing old Joanie made her special Pepto Bismol gelatin mold for dessert. How did she get the Tums to stay suspended in it so perfectly? Well, because she's  - a clever hostess.


vanilla said...

Oh, my gastro-intestinal upset. You've done it again, Lidian.

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

I, for one, am grateful that Swift also included instructions on how to make those delightful flowers that are surrounding that one serving of frankfurters. I think I have everything already on hand so that I can surprise The Mister at dinner tomorrow night.

Marcheline said...

I can see getting excited if there were corn dogs on offer, but plain old hotdogs on a plate? Urgh!