Monday, July 18, 2011

The Egg And I (And A Band Aid)

LJ Vintage Ads
Never before a bandage that sticks like this!
And never before has boredom had a mandate
That did decree: so boring are boiled eggs,
Why not enliven cooking with a Band-Aid?

Yes, go ahead: stick them on all your eggs
That will be fun! Into the tiny pot
Lower them one by one, though if you have
Raw eggs a-dangle in both hands, watch out -

For they must fall and make a mess: it is
The kitchen's strange unutterable law
That something untoward will occur and then
You'll have a horrid mess upon the floor.

Alas for Band Aids and for using them all!
For if your hand in boiling steam will linger
You'll soon regret your fancy tricks, because
You'll want to put a Band Aid on that finger.


vanilla said...

That's it. Running the cold water over the steamed finger.

Marcheline said...

Right. Try and tell me that millions of dippy housewives didn't try this trick and burn the crap out of their hands on the steam. Thus the smaller picture at the bottom, of a blistered and bandaided finger being run under cold water. Yikes.

This was pre "don't try this at home" warning days, obviously...

Cari Hislop said...

Clearly concocted by an ad-man who'd never stood near a stove while it was in use. I hope the poor model sued the ad company after having to have her cooked finger amputated...who'd employ a hand model with nine fingers?