Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Curious Case of the Missing Cell Phone

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Popular Science, December 1923

Back in the 1920s, if you lost something valuable or needed some extra security, what did you do? Why, you called in detectives with snappy fedoras and magnifying glasses, just like the gentlemen below. It took four of them to examine a single fingerprint though - so it was going to be expensive, and it looks like it might take them awhile.

Or maybe you'd misplaced a Toronto Millionaire. It seems unlikely, but maybe you had one hanging around the house and before you'd asked him to chip in for mustache wax and that extra caviar, he wandered away. You'd want to call in a detective in this case, too.

Popular Mechanics, October 1929

But today, it's not a matter of misplacing gentlemen with enormous mustaches and high collars. For example, if you lose your cell phone - which is probably packed with valuable contacts and all sorts of information that would astonish the 1920s sleuths.

And that is just what Sprint has developed. Sprint has a new Sprint Total Equipment Protection App for all TEP subscribers - it's available for Androids, Blackberys and select feature phones. If you get the Sprint Total Protection App you can locate your phone when it's lost, sync all your contacts, wipe the info remotely, and sound an alarm that helps you find a lost phone, too.

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

This is just exactly the sort of thing I could use - I've lost my cell phone a few times, and believe me, it would have been so nice to locate it quickly. And if my phone ever gets stolen, I can wipe off all the info quickly and get some peace of mind - that's something that really appeals to me. So do check out and download this new TEP app - Sprint customers have until August 30th to do so and add it to their current phones. It costs $8 a month and to find out lots more, do go and visit as well as a cool video over here at YouTube.

And that's really good detective help - much more powerful than five guys in suits examining a table with a single magnifying glass.

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soubriquet said...

Worth pointing out that most if not every android phone have this capability. No one provider should be pretending it's offering a superior service.

Velma Dinkley said...

Where are the contacts stored? If it's at some central location, I'd be concerned about security.

A Mom said...

great reviews! i like your blog so i added you in my site. hope you do the same for me, thanks!