Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elvis and the Ice Cream Breakfast

We get it, we get it. We all scream for ice cream. On pie, why not. In a dish, if you wish.

But what in the world is ice cream doing in the middle of a bowl of cereal? If I want ice cream for breakfast - and the Sealtest people seem to be encouraging this sort of culinary insurrection - I'll jolly well have it on a waffle cone or in a bowl and never mind the looks everyone is giving me as they look up from their cornflakes...what is the point, I ask you, of putting it in the cereal?

Maybe you were fixing your Wheaties and then you thought: you know, I'll bet a big scoop of ice cream would be just the ticket. Or maybe you just wanted to show everyone what a rebel you were. But this ad is from 1953 and there wasn't that much rebellion going on - oh, maybe this was the extent of it. Was this before Elvis swiveled around on TV and shocked everyone? Let me go and check....Yeah, it was. That was on the Milton Berle Show in June 1956 and this ad is from August 1953. Newsweek said, of Elvis' performance, that the middle-aged audience reacted as if he was "a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party." Or like a scoop of Sealtest ice cream slapped on a bowl of Wheaties. That audience just needed to have worked up to "Hound Dog" with a few cereal sundaes, that's all.


Kath Lockett said...

Oh I don't know, Lidian - ice-cream might make cornflakes for breakfast an edible choice for once.

(from someone who loathes all forms of cereal, but miserably chows down on it because she knows it's good for her)

vanilla said...

...what is the point, I ask you, of putting it in the cereal?

I am so glad you asked, Lidian. It is because it is scrumpdillyicious. I prefer raisin bran, but it works well on your favorite cereal, as well.

Mmmmmm. Next to vanilla, peach would be my favorite ice cream.

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

Well...the cereal is kind of like a cone that has been broken up into pieces to make it less messy to eat.

At least that's what I'd tell myself.

Winding Ways said...

In the 1940's a visiting nurse told my grandmother that it was healthy to have dessert with every meal. And so she did, even if it were only to have a little jelly spread on a graham cracker. One is always inclined to follow advice that conforms with one's own inclinations.

Tori Lennox said...

Ice cream with Froot Loops might be tasty, though.

Gregorian said...

I think icecream and cornflakes sounds quite yum actually. I approve.
But I suspect it was a diet like this that transformed Hot Hips Swiveling Elvis into Big Fat Vegas Tracksuit Elvis.