Monday, August 22, 2011

Just One Spam Thing After Another

Graphic Design - TJS Labs
Hear them under that yellow smog
While camping in a piney bog
Vacationing in 1940
On a rustic little sortie

You'd think that dinner would be swell
A-barbecuing in the dell
But such a fit of nervous giggling
Does not imply that trout are wriggling

Delectably upon the grill
Those glassy eyed grinning people will
Say "Flippity flop, hurrah, it's done!"
And put some SPAM upon a bun.

Oh, people who overcompensate
Pretending to love the things they ate
Will often find that indigestion
Will pitch a tent near their intestine.

So please approach with looks askance
Any strange meats that come in cans
And, happy people, just please stop
Extolling meals that "flippity flop."


Mimi said...

Spam & Eggs! Love it!

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

Our friend from Hawaii spent a good forty minutes expounding on the virtues of Spam at a recent barbecue he hosted. I noted that he was serving steaks and not Spam from a can, however...

Mike Golch said...

Hey I love spam and I don't need any smarmy commericial to tell me.

Velma Dinkley said...

Oh, I don't know. I'd say that fish flippity-flop a whole lot more than Spam does. Spam is probably more of a glippity-glop sort of food.

Marcheline said...

Beware of strange meat pitching a tent!