Friday, September 30, 2011

Beware of Stale Coffee!

1933 ad, courtesy of TJS-Labs
Chase and Sanborn (both of whom have been drinking double espressos since 1933 and are ready to mess with your head) have a very very important message for all of you caffeinated folks Out There. This is especially important to know about on International Coffee Day.*

And the message is: stale coffee is very bad for you and will turn you into a peevish old woman.

Just like Ruth, the heroine of this advertisement. Why does she dislike bridge and staying up late and visiting the Smiths? Is it because she finds bridge boring (I'll cosign that one, Ruth)? Is it because she was up folding laundry until midnight the night before (been there, done that too, sister)?

And don't get me started on the Smiths and how they make everyone play charades until 2am and say bossy things about how you put the coffee spoon on the wrong side of your saucer.

But apparently Ruth just needs to drink some nice fresh coffee that Mr. Chase and Mr. Sanborn ground and put in a little jar just this morning, and then everything will be fine. She'll be playing bridge at midnight, and dancing at 3am. And at the break of dawn she'll be acting out the phrase "wet blanket" at the Smiths, who actually went to bed, too tired even to whine about spoon placement, at 4.

* I saw this on Twitter, can you believe it, I actually drop into Twitter fairly regularly now (maybe it was stale coffee that was making me avoid it before, either that or sheer laziness). Twitter had a hashtag thingie for "National Coffee Day" and I did wonder whether everyone outside the US got to celebrate too, but Wikipedia says it can be called either International or National Coffee Day. So wherever you are, have a latte or something and celebrate. But make sure it's fresh!


BrSpiritus said...

Ads like this are comically priceless. Amongst the 117 or so ads I have waiting to use on my blog is particularly nasty one from Bird's Eye Vegetables called "Slow Blonde Sharpens Up - QUICK!" wherein her husband is screaming at her for taking all afternoon with making vegetables and of course birds eye saves the day and the marriage... lol

The Vintage Recipe Blog

Barbara said...

Br: I saw that ad in a magazine!

It's amazing how completely gullible people were back then. No, she's not sick (nor are they concerned she is), she's not pregnant, she's not anything other than "coffee starved".

If life were only that simple!

Lidian said...

BrSpiritus - Of course, Birdseye always saves the day!

Barbara - If only...