Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Bird Cage Kitchen

I once had a kitchen about this size, maybe a little bigger but essentially the same shape. And I must tell you that it never occurred to me to think of it as a birdcage.

And even if it had - I wouldn't make it more like a birdcage by painting cage lines on the walls and decorating the cabinets with pictures of birdcages. And an actual bird in a cage instead of an overhead light. You know, just in case I forgot where I was.  In a not-so-gilded cage, that's where, whipping up birdseed casseroles and Jell-O molds shaped like parakeets.

And when that birdseed casserole comes out of the oven, you can eat it right in your cage, oh yes! Because the lady who is the heroine of this ad (for linoleum floors, by the way) says that she found a way to make this a cheery little eat-in kitchen cage.

Behold the image on your right: a little pull-down table (or half a table really) - so you can pull a chair up to the sink and dig in. Make sure the sink isn't full of dirty dishes though.

And look, there's even a pull out table for your kid. Right next to the oven. And near a counter where a breadboard with a knife lying on it is just almost hanging off the edge of the sassy red counter top. Yeah, that looks safe. And fun. Don't forget fun! In fact, why not just build a pull-down sofa in there too and just live in the birdcage? Home tweet home.

This is from the delightful LiveJournal Vintage Ads.


Barbara said...

I really enjoy eating off a space less than 5 inches wide. It's so homey. And metal chairs are so comfy.

I wonder how many women copied this kitchen and then went stark-raving nuts...

VelmaDinkley said...

That's novel: advertising a floor by comparing it to the bottom of a bird cage! Anyone for salmonella?

Gregorian said...

Instead of chairs you need a swing hanging from the roof for you to perch on.

And a bell.

And a giant cuttlefish shoved through the window to help sharpen your beak.

Gregorian said...

Velma, the floor is decorated with a giant white... splat. Taking the theme one step to far.

Dieter Moitzi said...

I currently have what they call in France an "American kitchenette". Which is just a euphemism for "think twice ere you cook". There is no space whatsoever to chop up onions, for instance, so I do it while sitting on my couch. And when the dog comes a-sniffing because I've opened up something yummy, I can't move anymore. And when the noodle-water's boiling, my computer screen gets all steamed over and I don't see anything anymore.
Yet it looks and feels way cosier than the birdcage-thingy from your ad. Is it the red that makes one want to smash to pieces, like, all of it?

Cari Hislop said...

I love the white cupboards with the red tops. I love the black handles and weird cagy lines. I could even live with the funky painted cardinals in cages, but I draw the line at having a bird hanging over my head in any room, let alone the kitchen. Having had caged birds, I know I'd soon have bird seed and bird droppings in my food and hair. That's a no can do do!

I think the madman who concocted this little prisonette had been drinking much too much lunch.

Love it!