Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Jolly Kind of Soap

Duke University Digital Collections
Awhile back* we took a look at how much exciting fun you could have playing Rodin with a pen knife and a cake of soap. Well, if you've been practicing, you can try out something really fancy - this Ivory Soap Roman Lamp from 1926 (click on the link in the caption for the big version, with all the instructions - if you must). Yes, dear little children, you will have hours of fun trying to make this scallop-shell-glued-to-a-hand-mirror shape out of a cake of Ivory. And while you do, your mother can use the leftover shavings "to launder pretty clothes or to wash dishes." So that makes two of you who will be having a lot of fun.

And remember, boys and girls, you can send away to the nice Ivory Soap people for "a good, interesting 'Play'" for your class, if you are under the age of 10 (although please note the disturbing quotation marks around the word Play). You will get a poster, some Ivory soap and "a jolly kind of game." Hmm.

Those of you above the age of 10 who haven't turned the page or fallen asleep or fallen out of your chairs laughing can please ask your teacher to send away for "Dr. Bonser's educational poster." I can't imagine what sort of thrilling things you will learn from that.

*Back in the Wordpress, haven't-imported-the-old-posts-because-I-am-lazy, hardly-remembered-it-was-still-there, days.


vanilla said...

Believe it or not, I am old enough to remember when carving Ivory Soap was considered to be real entertainment!

w v: sudme
probably meant "sudsme."

Marcheline said...

And remember, too "IT FLOATS"!!! Tie a couple of hundred bars together and take off for the islands!

Cari Hislop said...

About sixteen years ago I had a friend who collected dolls and I wanted to give her something for Christmas, but I didn't have a lot of money so I decided (for some unknown reason) that I'd make her a doll out of soap. I couldn't find any soap the right colour so I melted down several different kinds/colours on the stove (nearly poisoning myself - not a healthy craft) and ended up with a lump of flesh colour soap large enough to carve a sleeping newborn head and hands (the body was out of fabric). I made it a Christening dress and put it in a basket and gave it to her. With hindsight (I took photos of my work) it was really freaky looking. I suspect my friend would have preferred a card.