Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Revolutionary Hair

I have sometimes thought that it would be nice to have a wig to wear on a day like this. Because I have revolutionary hair. Let me explain: I actually like my hair but it is the most mercurial hair ever. When the weather is dry and clear, it does just what it's supposed to. But today it was very humid out. And there's no straightening spray, hairspray or unguent known to the hair care aisle in the drugstore or specialty store that can reason with what grows out of my head, on a damp day. So I bundle it up with combs and hair elastics and a lovely baseball cap and boy, does that ever not look stunning!

And that brings me to my little musing about wigs.  There are all kinds of great looking wigs in any color or style you might like to try. There are all kinds of styles and types of wigs to choose from: would you like to try out being a redhead with short hair, or a long-locked blonde? You can with a wig, and then you can go right back to your old self. You can even get costume wigs for Halloween - want to look like Lady Gaga or Elvis? Make sure you check out these wigs first and then worry about the meat dress, or the drainpipe trousers.

You can see some popular styles here - the Samantha is my favorite, which is a shoulder-length and a lovely shiny coffee brown with sideswept bangs. See, she is right there on the left. She looks happy, because she knows that when she gets home her hair is going to still look really good. It will not look like a raccoon slept on it. And it will not be sticking out of a baseball cap at right angles. And not only that, but she also knows that when she dresses up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, she has just the right wig at home.


BrSpiritus said...

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Lidian said...

I am not organized enough yet as to badges - depends on my sidebar space etc and general level of laziness - but I'm going to add you on my links page. You have a great blog too!

Marcheline said...

The only thing about wigs is... they look like wigs. There is no such thing as a natural looking wig. I can spot them a mile away, even in the movies where they have effects and makeup and lighting that's supposed to make everything okay. The only wig I will wear in public is my hot pink bob wig, which is obviously a "wig on purpose". If you wear a wig trying to look serious about it, people will think you're ill.