Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Amethyst Bead David Bowie Earrings

Ready to make into earrings
I had my ears pierced when I was sixteen, and the first things I wore in my ears were the fake-gold posts they used to pierce the ears with. Well, those weren't much fun, so as soon as I was all healed I went in search of some really great earrings.  And all through the late 70s and into the 80s I bought earrings - long earrings made mostly of beautiful colored and carved beads. The silver and blue owl bead earrings were from South Street in Philadelphia. The ones made of beads in different shades of lavender are from a block party in Manhattan. I can look at some of them - they hang on a wall now, little bits of art -  and remember exactly where I bought them, and how I was feeling. Just like songs bring back moments in your life, jewellery does too.

My earrings have beads that looked just like this.
My favorite 80s earrings were the long amethyst-colored, faceted bead drop earrings. The main amethyst bead in each is about the size of a square-ish robin's egg - if a robin's egg was faceted, translucent violet.  I found them in a tiny shop, below sidewalk level,  in Greenwich Village. I was with some friends, showing them a bit of New York City circa 1983. It was a November evening. The sky was a wintry, glowing pale purple-blue. The light was that strange twilight in which objects look extra clear. I think that the earrings appealed to me because the faceted beads reminded me of that particular evening sky.

Let's Dance. But first, Let's Buy Earrings.
The shop was narrow and the walls were lined with gorgeous necklaces and faceted beads, like the inside of a jewellery box. And David Bowie's "Modern Love"  - a brand new song - was playing. This was perfect because I'd just bought Let's Dance and played it all the time. That was back when you bought actual records, remember that? I always like a remembered moment with a soundtrack. And whenever I hear "Modern Love" I think about buying those earrings. Now that the 80s are considered vintage, how I would like to see what else was in that shop!

Anyway, those amethyst-colored earrings became my absolute favorites. A bit heavy - 80s earrings were, as a rule -  but so much fun to wear. I still have them, of course. And I think of that long-ago evening every time I see them hanging among the rows of earrings on the wall.

[All the images are from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons.]


Kath Lockett said...

Oooh I had that album too - 1982! My favourite earrings weren't so glam as yours: they were pink pastel plastic pieces shaped to look like tiny Australias!

FreshHell said...

Mmmmmm........Bowie! I have earrings like those except they are clip ons and thus very painful to wear but wear them I did. Back in the day. When Bowie was singing Modern Love.