Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Boy With A Shine

The boy with a shine wins.

Oh great, what does he win? A giant teddy bear? Some money? Or some learn-at-home Charleston lessons?

No, no. He just gets to come inside, that's all. Because Helen's mother always checks his shoes before she lets him inside. That's her excuse, anyway. She may have to think of some other reason not to let him in. Or just tell him Helen's gone to boarding school in Labrador (it's a very exclusive school so no one's heard of it yet). And then she can slip out the back door in time.

But Helen's strangely youthful-looking mother is probably going to let Shine Boy in this time. And that is because he has polished up his shoes with the 2 In 1 Shining Kit.

Of course he will also need to hand over the flowers and candy, pronto. And maybe answer a few questions about current events, and his job, and whether his sister is still dancing in the chorus line down at the Ziegfeld Theater downtown (Peppy Peggy, they call her).

And then maybe he can come in and see what Helen's been up to. When she's home from Labrador, that is. What she's really doing is practising for the Ziegfeld Dollies, the Beanville version of the Ziegfeld Follies. Just like her pal Peppy Peggy. And she'd like to borrow that shoe polish to shine up her dancing slippers, before she goes, thanks.

[Ad is from Boys' Life, July 1925.]


BrSpiritus said...

My grandmother's name was Helen lol. Seriously though, that's a nice shine kit, would do well to keep my spectators and wingtips all nice and shiny.

Beth (Edna) said...

Is this anything like the boy with the Shining? Because that didn't seem much like winning to me.... ;)

Barbara said...

Damn, life was rough back then. I posted today about a woman who was losing friends because she had grey hair, and now you post a guy who could lose friends by not shining his shoes.

I'd have never made it then.

Gregorian said...

It's a lost art, shining shoes.
When I was a young lad, it was an essential part of your morning ritual. A bit of Nugget on a brush, and then a polish up with a soft rag.

Nowadays kids with their Nikes and Crocs... the have no RESPECT for the tradition of a shiny black pair of shoes.

What is the World coming to??? grumble grumble grumble

Kath Lockett said...

Maybe I should use some of that on my ugg boots when the (so far utterly useless) electrician arrives...?

Anonymous said...

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