Friday, October 21, 2011

A Clean Halloween

Gallery of Graphic Design
Here's a little Halloween mystery for us all. And we are going to need the two weeks left before Halloween to figure it out.

Usually ads for this holiday involve candies, raisins or other things kids want to collect when they're out trick or treating. Although I always disliked the raisins and the pencils back when I was ringing doorbells in our New York City apartment building. Never went outside, no sir! I had to take the elevator with my mother trailing me, and I couldn't even go to all the floors. There was enough disappointment built right in to suffice without people giving me pencils.

Anyway, this ad...Where to begin? The maid - or possibly mother dressed up as one - is saying to the departing trick-or-treaters:

"Wait for me, kids - I just remembered this is the day of the week I put Drano in all the drains!"

Um...HUH??? What in the world is this supposed to mean? I know we learn, later on, that Drano's cauldron-searing "churning, boiling action" cleans drains and is also going to infiltrate the sewers outside with their "sewer germs" (won't some one think of the baby alligators?). But these kids are ringing doorbells. They are not going anywhere near the sewers. Are they? And what are her plans - does she want to go explore the sewers? In a French maid's costume?

Oh wait. Maybe she means she wants to follow behind them and put Drano in the sewers to protect them from germs. Gee, doesn't that sound swell? Just add a bunch of pencils and raisins and it's going to be the best Halloween ever!

[Many thanks to the fabulous Gallery of Graphic Design for, once again, a stellar advertisement!]


BrSpiritus said...

At least the Drano is in the drains and not the candy. Halloween became a real downer after psychos started ruining by messing with the candy.

Kath Lockett said...

...clearly mother needs to get out more if she's as excited about adhering to her weekly Drano schedule as she looks!

Velma Dinkley said...

Maybe, when the unsuspecting neighbors answer the door, she's going to run in and put Drano into all of THEIR drains, too.

Rose said...

Wow that is really random. Looking forward to seeing more of the comments for this.

Cari Hislop said...

I'm thinking maybe she taught her kids that if they weren't given any candy to go dig in the sewer for some stuff to fling at the neighbor's door!

I suspect the man who designed the ad was inspired by his mother. It's so weird and bizarre, it's probably true. Scary!

Gregorian said...

"I just remembered, this is the day of the year I pour Drano on all the candy!"

An evil, evil woman.