Monday, October 3, 2011

Entertaining the Baby

LiveJournal Vintage Ads
Is there a baby in the house? He needs these!

Well, yes, there does seem to be a baby in the house. But the baby is wearing a pink dress...and so, given that it is  probably the early 1960s from the look of Mom's little baby minding get-up - I think we can safely assume that that baby is a girl. Not a he. A she.

Why does the ad say he?  Why are they in a mint colored space with no wall/floor angles, so that the cabinet appears to be floating? Does that mother always dress to match the toys?

She seems to be dressed for a party. Is this a party? Is this baby going to be entertained with witty chatter and a little jazz on the hi fi in the background?

No. The baby is going to be entertained by going onto a flat padded surface surrounded by mesh walls.

So yes, mom, why not put the kid in that boring play pen. Or in one of the chairs. Then you won't get baby slobber (or worse) on that lovely coral sheath dress. Mind your pearls though. I do believe your baby is going to be wanting those to play with. See how she's looking away from them, pretending not to notice them? Even though she's got them in her fist. Good work, kid. You need these!

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Kath Lockett said...

Perhaps the playpen would be more fun if the pearls were hung around the edges?