Sunday, October 2, 2011

Far Out Refrigerators

Life, Feb. 26, 1965
I remember our kitchen back in 1965. We had a plain white fridge, like most people. A lot of bottles of No Cal soda in it. It was not a bit groovy.

But supposing my mother had wanted to have a Far Out Kitchen. Then she would have wanted one of these little beauties by Kelvinator - and for a doorway, an "ice igloo." I'm not sure that the landlord would have gone for it though.

Pop Art refrigerators: what a great idea, huh? Actually the Jack of Hearts one is kind of cool. But the one that looks like the side of a black and white cow - why is a penguin sitting on top of it? Does the penguin want a bottle of No Cal? Is it going to sit there and stare at you reproachfully every time you open the door to get a snack? The cow fridge and the card fridge are supposed to be for "a man's den."

And are those sea horses who have swallowed large curtain rings on the red fridge? No, they are Chinese dragons and they are "elegant enough for a living room." Please don't tell me that the in thing to do is to put the fridge in the living room.

I can guarantee that the penguin is not going to approve of that.


~~louise~~ said...

We were just talking about the sizes of refrigerators back then. I'm sure it's me but I think we fit more in them then than we do now!

My mother always wanted a "Far Out Kitchen" we had the mushrooms to prove it!!!

I have the cutest Volland Message card promoting Westinghouse. Thanks for the reminder, Lidian. I should post it!

Kath Lockett said...

Actually the cow one would go down a treat here in Switzerland - they are much beloved and their spots feature on things such as electric power boxes, bus shelters and anything tourist-related...

BrSpiritus said...

I think I saw a goober from westside trying to sell one of the cow reefers on Craigslist. "Rare and Valuable Cow Fridge" ($700)... yep he really wanted $700 for the monstrosity.

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vanilla said...

I must have been oblivious to "chic" in the 60s. I don't remember these. Luckily.