Monday, October 10, 2011

Mother Finds the Mute Button

Life, November 12, 1951
Mother's got a hearing aid
So the old gal can listen
To morons tootling trumpet solos
On the television

Hurrah for Father kicking back
As he chews his pipe and sighs
And Sonny asks if Ma can't make
A few more apple pies.

But Mother isn't really deaf
As a can of processed peas
It's just that she never gets to choose
The shows the family sees.

And she's tired of making two-crust pies
In her Little Black Dress and heels;
And of perching perkily although
She's made a thousand meals.

So now that she's got this hearing aid
She'll turn it down to soft
And let the morons toot all night
Both on TV and off.


Gregorian said...

*smiley face*
Nice poem.

Poor woman. By her posture, her back is giving way too. It's tough keeping up a glamorous appearance as your body starts to fail. At least let her sit in the comfy chair.

Kath Lockett said...

Classic! Love your work, Lidian!