Friday, October 14, 2011

A Round of Woodbury Cocktails

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So it's Friday and that means Friday evening is almost upon us. And that means it is time for a delicious retro cocktail, right? Ooh, how about a Woodbury Cocktail? Ever hear of it?

There's a good reason why you haven't. Read on and see why:

So many relationship problems can be solved with one cake of soap! Do you believe that? No? Well, just take a look at this thrilling story from 1949 (the big version is at the link) - and if you don't want to click any more, I'll just fill you in a little. We've seen this before, after all. The soap and shampoo ads go for this plotline:

Here we see Dot whining to her friend about how Jack has been cutting a rug with Marcia all evening (dancing, in other words). How could he be so mean?

The friend knows why Jack has hit the road. Because Dot has dull horrible skin! They couldn't possibly have had any other problems. Nope! Dot is perfect, except for that stale-cupcake complexion of hers. And Jack, well, he's perfect too. Not - you know - shallow or anything! Dot definitely needs to get on this with a few cocktails.

Oh goody, you might think, now we're talking. (I did). But the friend does not mean cocktails as in delicious White Russians or Whiskey Sours. Today the letter W is brought to you by Woodbury Cocktails (you'll be sending it right back in a minute). The Woodbury is made by rubbing your face with soap suds and rinsing them off. Oh, Dot honey, that's not a cocktail - that's ordinary hygeine.

But it works out for Dot. Even though she didn't even know how to wash her face until recently. I mean, she gets Jack running back to her and everything. And they are probably getting married. She'll have a soap-themed wedding, of course. Woodbury Cocktails all around - and hotel-size soap appetizers. And what will she be carrying? A Cashmere Bouquet.

Extra Bonus Recipe! I have just learned that the Black Russian cocktail (vodka plus Kahlua) was invented in the same year that this Woodbury Soap ad came out - 1949! That's some kind of kismet. I don't know when people started pouring cream into Black Russians, but it was probably in the 1950s or 1960s.

And that's enough for me to post a White Russian recipe, anyway: combine 50 ml of vodka and 20 ml of Kahlua (or any other coffee liqueur you have lying around) and put them in a glass. An Old Fashioned glass is ideal (as in the picture, above). Then pour in 30 ml of cream and let it float on top. And if you get any cream on your upper lip trying to drink it, you've always got Woodbury's.


BrSpiritus said...

So many of these vintage cocktails have been bastardized into shooters for the modern crowd. In their original incarnations they were "pousse cafe" style drinks such as above. Even my fav, the B-52, started out that way.

leny g said...

Nice post