Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some 1950s Bakelite Poker Help

Jet, April 3, 1952
This is exactly the sort of thing you'd want if you were having a poker game back in the 1950s: the Chip-Co-Tray, a "Poker Player's Partner." This was a set of Bakelite trivets that held both a drink and your poker chips. It also had a built-in ashtray. And you also got poker chips in three different colors - red, white and blue.

You could really multi-task with something like this! And you need to concentrate on several things at once while you are playing - not just your drink and cigarette (if you smoke) but also the rules and regulations.

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These are all good things. Because, as my family can tell you, I always forget the intricacies of poker. Although I'm sure that if I had retro Bakelite accessories, it would really help.

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meaghan said...

my grandma was telling me how women would wear some fun accessories while playing cards. i found this etsy shop that actually makes some vintage card suite aprons: How fun!!! love your blog. so unique!