Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Imagine Wearing Glasses

John Lennon did it. So did Harold Lloyd. To say nothing of Groucho Marx. Three of my favorite celebrity guys from the past - all of them glasses wearers. I suspect that they made wearing glasses seem cool to me when I was a kid.

John Lennon and Groucho Marx were sharp, sarcastic, brilliantly funny, never at a loss for words. And even though Harold Lloyd was a silent movie actor, he was always in motion, jumping on and off trains, and hanging off of giant clocks on buildings - all with such panache. And all while wearing spectacles, too!

Harold Lloyd, hanging out in 1928
In honor of John, Groucho and Harold - and all the other cool cats and chicks I've had to leave out (because it would make this post WAY too long*) I have gathered some hints for all of us who wear them:

-If your glasses tend to slip down your nose in hot weather, chalk the sides of your nose before you put them on (just use ordinary chalk) [Popular Mechanics, May 1911]

- To keep your glasses from fogging up in a warm room, run some soap into the lenses and then polish the lenses [Popular Mechanics, April 1914]

-  The latest eyeglasses cleaner in 1910 was a $1, $2 or $5 bill, according to Popular Mechanics, Dec 1910 (via the New York Evening Post). Apparently this was discovered by a gentleman who had forgot his handkerchief one day, and needed to clean his pince-nez on the train home. 

And here's one more eyeglasses hint: Zenni Optical sells eyeglasses directly to you without middlemen or a lot of flashy advertising. They make high quality prescription glasses and sell directly to you at terrific prices. This is great to know about because if you're anything like me you've paid quite a lot for your glasses at some point in the past. So go check them out - I think you'll be really pleased. And in the words of my 1970s era Marx Brothers T shirt (which I've written about before on this blog): tell 'em Groucho sent you.

[All the images are from Wikimedia Commons, by the way]

*But we can do some more posts about them some other time...


vanilla said...

Cool? Oh, yes. I was old "Four Eyes" from third grade until I managed to "break" the things during my sophomore year in h.s.

Lisa said...

I have GOT to try the zenni optical route, my current (back-up to my contacts) glasses are disfiguringly clunky-looking! Love the vintage tips, thanks for sharing!

Jony Gibson said...

Love the vintage tips, thanks for sharing
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Gunnar and Sherry said...

Lennon and Marx...weren't they big in Russia?