Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old-Time Flavor Magic

Oh, those old-timers and their flavor magic! I am sure that the early settlers back in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were busy shaking Poultry Seasoning over their turkeys so that they didn't have to go to the messy trouble of chopping onions. I can relate, I don't like chopping them either.

But what's really disturbing me about this 1957 advertisement is what is going on on the surface of that lovely pumpkin pie. Those aren't trendy caramelizations, I don't think. That is someone going crazy with the cloves and the cinnamon, to show us - what? How not to do it? Because as far as I know, you're supposed to add the spices when you mix the pumpkin filling. Not as an afterthought.

And if that stuff on the pie is Poultry Seasoning, well - don't tell me. I don't want to know.

I wish all of you down in the Lower 48 Plus 2 a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving - may your dishes wash themselves, may your family gatherings be zesty not testy, and may you always grab the right McCormick's box at the perfect moment of cooking.

Oh, and also: I have a new blog! It's not about retro ads either...It's more about culinary history, world cuisines, travel and holidays and folklore/folk medicine - everything from peppermint tea to medieval remedies to different kinds of Pocky (the Japanese biscuit sticks with a sweet coating). It's called Cinnamon Moon (link in the sidebar, too) - cinnamon for the culinary, moon for travel (just like they always show a full moon on Pilot Guides, you know?). And also because they are two of my favorite words. Anyway, I have about 5 posts there and counting: blue lobsters, ube cakes, and Alexandre Dumas' favorite food (you won't believe what it is). See you there, I hope!


Master Blogger said...

I haven't taste blue lobsters yet, I wonder how it taste. Ube cake is one of my favorite, it is a lot better than chocolate cake.

Zero Dramas

Rose said...

Great post for Thanksgiving! Off to check out your new blog.

Kath Lockett said...

As an Australian now living in Switzerland is it embarrassing and wrong of me to admit that I have never ever eaten pumpkin pie?

I'm hoping - when I do get to try it - that it won't have the black splodges of burnt nutmeg and cinnamon ala 'old time flavor magic' !