Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Plaque of the Baskervilles

A very fine address plaque, Mr. Holmes!
Do you ever think about how your address is shown on your house? The great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes had to think about many important things - such as that pesky Hound of the Baskervilles, and the Red-Headed League and what they were up to - never mind getting Dr. Watson to come along and go someplace dangerous - but at least he had a terrific address plaque. He is probably one of the few fictional people who has a real one. You can see it at 221B Baker Street in London, England - and also in the picture on your left. It is quite a charming plaque, too. And I must tell you that I've had it in my mind lately. This is why:

Not a bit like our house, actually
We live in a house built in 1929, so as you can imagine there are a lot of things that have needed renovating and fixing up over the years. Our latest projects have involved the front and back porches. The back porch is now an enclosed three-season room - rather rustic looking, with lots of windows. It reminds me of the porch at a cabin we loved renting several summers ago and I love sitting out there looking at the trees and reading - and watching our cat try to scratch the indoor-outdoor carpeting (happily, she can't make a dent in it).

Then there's the front porch, which we've rebuilt and are repainting. The floor is now a handsome dark green - it was grey and peeling when we moved in. But two things we haven't fixed yet are the mailbox and the address plaque. I am looking forward to replacing the mailbox, which is quite old but not in the cool retro sense of the word - it is just kind of old and terrible looking. Our house number is on the mailbox in bright blue masking tape so we really need something to go with the forest green floor and the new railings and banister - maybe one of the bronze address plaques or custom address plaques you can get these days. Some thing almost as distinguished looking as Sherlock Holmes' address plaque. We may not solve any mysteries around here, but at least we will look like we could - if we wanted to. And as far as people being able to tell our house number - a plaque would make it - well, elementary, my dear Watson.


VelmaDinkley said...

They should give you a freebie for linking to them. Just don't ask them for a grocer's apostrophe like the Campbell's did (then again, far be it for me to forbid a decent, hard-working soup to own a house and take pride in it).

VelmaDinkley said...

I get all snarky and then say 'far be it for me.' Typical.

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