Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Rum Calorie Count

Well, first of all, it's "fewer calories," not "less calories" - Bacardi or not. You use the term "fewer" if you can count the number of things. "Less" is for things like sand. We're not going to count how many fewer grains of sand are in your sneakers a week after you get home from the beach than there were at first (answer: there is actually more sand in your shoes; it's a scientifically proven fact). I know; I'm being picky. But this is the sort of thing that drives me crazy. And now that we've got that out of the way, let's address the actual question here:

Does a Bacardi cocktail have (ahem) fewer calories that 2 slices of pineapple, or what? The recipe given in this 1954 ad says that the drink has exactly 88 calories.

Well, according to Calorie King, one slice of canned pineapple with juice has 28 calories in it. So 2 slices would be 56 calories. So no, the cocktail is more fattening. Sorry, Bacardi! Even if it doesn't taste like whiskey or gin (and why would it, it is rum).

And it's a good thing that Bacardi is rum because rum is an old slang word that means odd or peculiar. Which sums up this ad, really.


I am easing off on NaNoWriMo and just posting a few fluffy posts here and there for now, since I got hit over the weekend with the double whammy of a really bad cold and some other physical ailments - am on the mend, but the confused chunk of ersatz fiction I'd done so far for NaNo is just going to have to hang out on the back burner for now. That's OK. I always like putting bits of plot together (like a really fun mental puzzle) but I never really like writing fiction as much as I think I will. So I'm going to think about that, too.

I think I'm better with short pieces anyway. Like blog posts, for example (here and elsewhere). And I have a couple of non-fiction projects I work on regularly, more in that line. But for now I'm going to go catch up on some reading on the couch. My cat has approved this activity by plopping herself right on my stomach so I can't move. Very therapeutic, she is. Now I just have to teach her how to make camomile tea...


BrSpiritus said...

There's a flaw in your logic methinks. Pineapple at the time this ad was made was packed exclusively in Heavy Syrup which is 45 calories a slice (90 total). In this case I think we can spare the 2 calories N'ece pas? Besides I think Bacardi is overpriced swill and Cruzan is a much better choice :)

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Jennifer said...

Rest up, Lidian. Sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to just be and read. Hope you feel better soon.

Kath Lockett said...

Take care, Lidian. I'm in awe of anyone who takes part in NaNoWriMo - just updating my blog is hard enough.

Maybe a glass of Bacardi with a pineapple chaser will help your cold??

Cari Hislop said...

I know how you feel! This last week some passing virus set up shop making me feel like an invisible vampire was sucking away my life force every afternoon about 12:30. All I could do was go to bed and feel like a discarded piece of pineapple. Feeling almost better I then came down with a stomach bug which appears to want to hang around a bit longer. Sometimes life is just not very pleasant, but I did get some writing done yesterday which was miracle. Whether its any good is another story.

As for your fiction; maybe you just haven't figured out how you write yet. It took me the equivalent of six books to realize I'm what they call a pantser (I write by the seat of my pants). Some people have to plan every detail before they type one word of the story. I can't plan; my stories have to be able to tell themselves. I sometimes don't even know the characters names. They tell me when they're ready! I know my place. I'm just the unpaid secretary running after a crowd of people who live in my head. It could be worse. I could think they were real...

Lidian said...

BrSpiritus - Oh my goodness, I forgot about the Heavy Syrup Factor! Thank you for reminding us all. As you say, it is a near thing anyway.

Jennifer - Thank you! It was SO weird to sit and read during the day...Quite enjoyable though.

Kath - Thank you. I am better now and at the Bacardi-oh-yes-please! stage.

Cari - Thank you for the kind, encouraging words (and for all your wonderful comments, BTW)...I just don't know. I want to be the sort of person who writes historical fiction yet what really grabs me are the real stories and real people I meet in the research stage. But I am going to have a good old think about it. Also, I am thinking about poetry again, it was my first writing passion a long time ago. It feels good not to have the self-inflicted NaNo alarums baying at me right now though :)