Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Life With Piepan Cans and Zans

If you ever read Dr. Seuss books as a child (or read them to your kids) you might recall that one of his characters is the Zans. And what the Zans likes to do best is to stand around in your kitchen opening cans:

At our house we open cans
We have to open many cans
And that is why we have a Zans.
A Zans for cans is very good.
Have you a Zans for cans? You should!*

The innovation on your right should make any Zans happy -  a mince pie in a can. Or rather, in-a-can. Just in time for Thanksgiving 1954, you can just open up a piepan can - which rhymes in a Seussian fashion:

Your Zans will love these piepan cans:
Mince piepan cans have many fans
Since food is cannier in cans:
Consider cheesy Liederkranz
Or chicken divan
Or raisin bran
All these might fit into a can!
On holidays our Zans is true
To cans filled up with Cordon Bleu
Canned cranberries, canned peas, canned flan
And cans and cans 
of hams and yams
Never does our valiant Zans
Say that he can't - he always can!
And celebrates this fine advance
That brings us pastries sealed in cans.

*From One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (1960). And the Zans picture, originally from the book, was found in Charles Apple's Washington Post article about can history, here.


vanilla said...

Lidian pens poetry about Zans and cans; I am one of her biggest fans.
Write those verses! Post them here. I will read them year after year!

Rose said...

How awesome! Love the connection here.

Kath Lockett said...

Love your poem!

You know what's worse than mince pie in a can - steak and kidney pie in a can! For my very first meal at my first boyfriend's house, his mother (they were English) served it. I didn't chew a mouthful, but swallowed it whole and prayed that no-one would ask me a question.... ~shudder~!

Gregorian said...

For a summer job I worked on a production line that crunched out tins for Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pies. I was basically the guy who packed them in cardboard boxes.

Now, that summer was a particularly hot and dry one and my Hay Fever was playing up horribly. Snot City.

And here I was packing these tins with my bare snot covered hands.
I sincerely hope there was a disinfecting stage after mine.

(Oh and anything with KIDNEY in it... *shudder*. Revolting stuff.)

Cari Hislop said...

I loved your brilliant rhyme
I wish I had a Zans to open cans
It could come and lick my floor
And then I'd then have more time!

If I had more time I might cook
Or heaven forbid finish a book...