Monday, December 12, 2011

Heavenly Jellied Cells

If only I could think what this strange 1940s gelatin dessert (the one on the right, just so we're clear about it) reminds me of. Something in nature, I believe. Something that you might see in science class. Not on your plate at the dinner table, certainly.

It isn't just the shape of it, or the clear gelatin that bothers me, though they do. It is the fact that those peach halves are whole, and look like eyes, or ameobas, or cells - or something.

Say, maybe it is a dessert for scientists. It kind of reminds me of the cells there on your left, which according to dear Wikipedia. have been stained and stuck under a microscope. Do not stick the Heavenly Peaches under a microscope, though. It will lead to nothing good. Let's just leave it alone and maybe it will go away, back to the strange dimension it came from.

I'm sure that you could recreate the real cells with red Jell-O and green candied cherries. Or the reverse. How festive that would be for the holidays!
Or maybe not.

Whatever it is, this strange geometric clear cellular dessert thing, Hunt's does not actually tell you how to make it. Perhaps they sense that no one will ever want to do this. We'll be back to more kitschy holiday posts this week, for sure. I'll try and keep candied cherries and amoebas out of them, too.*

*Well, definitely no amoebas, anyway.


Tori Lennox said...

You wouldn't catch me eating that weird dessert!

Loran said...

This reminds me of a dessert my girlfriend just encountered - some sort of gelatinous mold (rumored to be a mixture of pudding AND jello!) with maraschino cherries and something chunky and clear green mixed in. She was so repulsed by the way it quivered with no seeming provocation that she fled the room and then the party : )

Kath Lockett said...

Looks like a bowl of alien eyeballs to me :P