Thursday, December 1, 2011

"So Richly Exciting": The Incredible Chocolate Morocco Cake

1940 advertisement; big version here
This is not a cake made in Morocco, or anywhere else in North Africa. I don't know why it's called Morocco Cake but I suspect that the reason has something to do with making it sound more interesting. Like on a menu when they call (for example) macaroni and cheese "Imported Handmade Pasta Enrobed in Our Finest Aged Cheddar Sauce." That is what I'm planning on calling it next time I make it. That'll impress everyone, I'm sure.

And after I will dish out Crisp Seasonal Apples Baked with Our Secret Blend of Spices (cinnamon dumped on top) and lavished with a topping of oats and caramelized demerara sugar. That's apple crisp to you.

So it is with Morocco Cake, I believe. It is - are you ready? - plain chocolate cake with raisins. It is iced with whipped cream flavored with cocoa and chopped raisins and nuts. It sounds quite nice. But it is not the "richly exciting" dessert Miss Perky at the top of the ad calls it. But still. Not a huge pain to make, either, like her neighbor thinks:

"Look," I said to the woman next door,
"Party refreshments need not be a chore!"

No, dear, but listening to the neighbors handing out advice certainly can be.

[P.S. I'm going to post the recipe up on FoodBuzz: here's the link.]


Velma Dinkley said...

Unsolicited advice: never as important to you as it is to the person handing it out.

Lidian said...

Velma - You got that right! lol

Dieter Moitzi said...

"Party refreshments" - now that's a long time I haven't heard that one, for sure. As for unsolicited advice, it reminds me of that Jehova's Witnesses guy in the bus, the other day, who wanted to hand me a bible (unsolicited, it goes without saying). I just told him I preferred to buy my books myself; and asked him what the fact I didn't own a bible could tell him under these circumstances. He didn't insist.