Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Grand Christmas Suggestions

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Well, I haven't finished wrapping stuff, and haven't got any turkey et al yet, and we haven't even put up the tree or anything. But everything is going to be grand, because all I need to do is get in a job lot of Doublemint chewing gum.

I will hang packs of gum all over the tree. And whenever carolers show up at the door, I will hand them packs of gum. Oh, and as for all those presents I haven't got yet? No problem! Everyone will be delighted with their Wrigley's Doublemint, wrapped up in fancy paper under the gum-themed tree.

Yes, we shall have a fine Christmas, all of us chewing gum and admiring decorations made of gum, and aiding our digestion after dinner with more delicious gum. Gum one gum all!

I wish you all a wonderful, gumderful holiday!


Slappy Bear said...

Merry Christmas and have beary good New Year ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh, now I know what to do when we have family over next year! I'll distribute packs of Doublemint, we'll all chew in (companionable) silence, and then create ornaments out of chewed remains, pressing in sequins and glitter for a little sparkle.

I hope you had a lovely holiday.