Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dishing With Pocketchange About Kitchen Retro

This week the creative and delightful folks over at Pocketchange  - the shopping blog and blog-central part of Become.com - were kind enough to interview me and asked me all sorts of questions about how Kitchen Retro got started and my thoughts on blogging in general and on pop culture.

It was a lot of fun to look back on the past 4 years of KR - which was originally going to be just about vintage recipes. The first existing KR post from January 2008 (the very first one I think I deleted, it was about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's favorite desert) is about macaroons. And another was called Dishing About Junket - and neither of these posts have any funny retro ads in them (maybe I can find some to add in).

The Duchess will have a ruby on top, please
And speaking of dishing: this week Kitchen Retro is Pocketchange's featured blog! You can read the interview here*(and I hope you do) - and while you're over there, do check out all the other cool stuff they have got, including their tips center - which I've bookmarked for all the occasions when I need some quick advice on everything from baking (I can always use some help here) to gardening (will this grey-thumbed city kid ever get a herb garden to thrive? - maybe this year!).

Many thanks to Max and everyone at Pocketchange for featuring Kitchen Retro this week - it was a pleasure to work with you! And now I'm going to go look for some amusing Junket ads. I really wish there was one featuring the Duchess of Windsor. But this could never have been. Because the Junket people didn't have any giant rubies to put on her Junket instead of a cherry.

*There's a widget on the lefthand sidebar of this very page that also links to this.

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