Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jerry's Valentine Vision

When you look at life through rose-tinted glasses - or rose-tinted Valentine's eyeglass frames - you just feel better. Unlike Jerry and Jane. Jerry used to be so romantic on Valentine’s Day, but now - well, now he’s just a big grump to poor Jane. A big grump, apparently, with indigestion. And she really just wants to be his Valentine. And him to be a little more like Valentino.

Well, she also would like some fancy chocolates in a heart shaped box, but that’s just a corollary, really. In this little 1941 saga, Jane solves her problem (i.e. Jerry’s unromantic indigestion) with a little Milk of Magnesia. Yes, not only does Milk of Magnesia calm the GI tract, it also inspires romance! It is just amazement in a blue bottle, is what it is.

But you know, there are probably better ways to inspire and recharge your significant other. Because maybe he or she just needs to be able to see better. Maybe they need perking up with some new eyeglasses frames. So instead of heading for the medicine cabinet, why not try some of Zenni Optical’s cute Valentine’s Day themed eyeglasses? These frames with little sparkly hearts on the sides would be just ideal. They have lots of other Valentine’s-themed frames, too. All at prices that won’t upset your stomach - or your pocketbook.

Zenni is the top online eyeglasses store where you can get prescription glasses for amazing prices. You can go check all the different colors and styles of eyeglasses that they offer and be sure to find one that will put you (and anyone else you have in mind) in the right sort of holiday mood. And not only that, but your Valentine-visioned Valentino will be able to spot just the right box of fancy chocolates to get you.


Kath Lockett said...

Jane, dearest heart, that's marriage for you. Wine and chocolates when you're dating, then a grumpy git who needs a shit when you're hitched!

Marcheline said...

I love the vintage ad, but those glasses look like they belong to someone's uncool grandmother. (No offense to the cool grandmothers that may be reading this.)