Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mrs. Dooley's Nightmare

Gallery of Graphic Design (bigger version here)
This is just not what you need after a hard day of housework, is it? Or really, after a day of anything. Little pieces of anthropomorphized dirty laundry with the faces of hardened Bad Guys, and flexible black spoons for limbs, enter your dreams. And they have plenty to say to you when they do.

Tommy's Blouse is happy to announce that "you'll have to rub my perspiration streaks till your back aches." Tim's Rompers are proud to be "all smudged up with grime you can't get out." I guess Tommy and Tim are small grimy boys. Although maybe one is the husband and one the child. I can't quite decide which is which, though (let me know if you can).

And as for the Bathroom Towel, well, he is glad to tell you that "dirt from people rubbing me" will also turn your day into a waking nightmare. And make your knuckles sore, too.

All this has turned Mrs. Dooley into a line drawing whose sleep is "haunted" by "dirty, greasy spots." Happily though, her fancy friend just happens to have brought her some P and G Naphtha Soap.

Coincidence? I think not. The lady in the bowler hat is probably Tim's Rompers in disguise. Because even if the clothes get clean, Mrs. Dooley's knuckles are still going to be pretty sore from scrubbing.


Mae West NYC said...

If the garment is a BLOUSE, then it would not have been for the man of the house.

Men of that era were posed in impeccable Arrow Shirt Collars or Van Heusen SHIRTS.

Very nice post, Lidian!

Barbara said...

Jeez, and I thought I was the only one who nightmared about dancing and mocking clothing. Whew!

Kath Lockett said...

Poor Mrs Dooley. At least if she'd had the common nightmare of turning up to bridge club in the nude there'd be no worries about stubborn stains to rub out!

DearHelenHartman said...

Real History Lesson: Back in those days women were such mysterious creatures to the men in charge of selling things that they often sat around saying things like "I wonder what women dream about? It's not like they are intelligent enough to have imagination and they do the same things day in and out". Much like we speculate about what dogs or babies dream about. Yes, ad men then thought of women as mysterious, boob-a-fied infantile animals.

The irony? They were actually the boobs with doggie brains.

Marcheline said...

I can relate to the towel... I always get dirty when I'm rubbed, too. *evil grin*