Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baked By Nabisco

"Pardon our enthusiasm, but have you discovered Nabisco 100% Bran?"

Pity the poor Man in the Street, trying to get to work, when this couple - brought to some disturbing high by bran cereal - accosts him while hanging out of their window, and shouting about Really Different Bran. The key words here being Really Different. Yes, that's a nice way of saying what these folks are.

This 1942 ad features a couple who take their love of bran to levels that defy sanity. They hang out of their window and accost people trying to walk down the street. The man that they are thrusting the cereal bowl towards has a glassy, frightened smile, doesn't he?

They do not stop at this, though. They spend their whole day ringing random doorbells. And they blame it on Nabisco. It has "flavor that makes you ring doorbells." What on earth is in this stuff? Either it is spiked with who-knows-what - or else 1940s era bran had one hell of an effect on folks. Yeah, that must be it.

Because how else can we begin to explain how the way in which this Odd Couple end their day -  tucking the box of Nabisco into bed and cooing over it. Yes, this is our baby. Isn't it just the cutest? And so good-natured, too.

That is because its bran flakes are smaller - so "they are less likely to be irritating." Unlike its parents. Who, like their strange cardboard-boxed offspring, are baked, all right. But probably not entirely by Nabisco.


IludiumPhosdex said...

And another likely reason Nabisco Bran was "different:" In the early 1980's, I recall Art Linkletter promoting it on the radio explaining that its being "sweetened with two natural fruit juices" made it distinctive.

(Close examination of the ingredients revealed the juices to be fig and prune such.)

Mike said...

To hang out the window and coerce passers-by to try something you really like is odd. Enjoying it enough to feel compelled to ring doorbells is odd, but I guess if you are in a cult of breakfast food, it probably seems normal enough. But providing a box of cereal with its own bed? OK, that's really too much. Perhaps it is time for some professional help for Mr and Mrs NabiscoFetish.

Marcheline said...

You could use their faces in modern-day Botox ads!

Kath Lockett said...

Love it! Your last two lines are hilarous!