Monday, February 6, 2012

A Harvest In Your Freezer

LiveJournal Vintage Ads
Be the farmer's daughter out the cookin' to Banquet and harvest a crop of compliments...Expensive? No siree! Just tastes expensive!

OK, let's all just hold our horses for a minute. So to speak. Consider the angle of this 1965 ad for Banquet frozen dinners: the idea is that everyone will think you made or somehow persuaded and paid a genuine country chef to prepare a classic fried chicken dinner.

For one thing, if you are like the down-home gal in the ad, just holding the box like that is a give-away, right? Actually, she seems to be floating or hiding behind it, not holding it. But still. Everyone will know you are just giving them a cheap frozen meal. And also: that picture on the tell-tale box is the impossible, Platonic-ideal depiction of the Fried Chicken Dinner. You know, I know, and Straw Hat Hattie knows that what lies within the box is far, far worse.

Therefore, you will not be harvesting a crop of compliments. You will be fielding sad looks, overt complaints, and a few requests for Tums.

And even that idealized picture does not look wonderful. It certainly doesn't look "expensive." Or even edible. Which is why Hattie has been chomping on the straw from her hat. What a giveaway.

Cheap? Yes siree. And it tastes cheap, too.


VelmaDinkley said...

I just want to say that "platonic ideal" is by far the most appropriate term I've ever encountered for food pictured in advertisements.
I also wonder what that yellow stuff is. That's not a yellow that exists in biology.

Relax Max said...

Cardboard chicken. Yum!