Monday, February 27, 2012

There's A Good Host Around

The word "host" comes from the Latin hospes, meaning "lord of strangers" - and that comes from the Indo-European word ghostis which means "stranger" (hence the word ghost, of course, by the way). By the medieval period the word "host" meant someone who welcomed guests into their homes - or inns or pubs. Maybe not with Canada Dry Water with "pin-point carbonation," but with food and drink, a warm dry place to stay, and maybe a little entertainment. The guy on your left looks very much entertained, doesn't he? Though he'd better watch his ear, it is dangerously close to his beverage.

Being a good host means making people happy. As Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren wrote in her 1881 Etiquette of Social Life In Washington, "[T]he chief care of the host and hostess should be to forget that the dinner is being served, and try to interest their guests."

Hosting a website or blog actually has a lot in common with hosting a party: you need to make your guests (and their sites) comfortable, happy to be there, and that they are glad that they came. The web host will want to provide an excellent service (i.e. the dinner or the website) but also focus on the comfort of the guests (be they bloggers, web clients or indeed dinner companions).

And they will also want to make sure that you - the client -  wants to stay at the party. But there are so many parties going on - so to speak - in the world of web hosting. So where do you, the guest, decide where to go?

That is where online reviews and evaluations of all the many web hosts out there, are really helpful. They can provide expert comparisons and present ratings in ways that will really help you choose the best web host. Party-goers in real life can't check out good hosting reviews online. But you can, and thereby find the perfect venue for your virtual celebrations. And after you do, Canada Dry mixers will be a plus, but they won't be absolutely necessary.

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Eric said...

I went through a case of that stuff in the early nineties trying to make dry ice for a Halloween party. Stupid false advertising! *shakes fist*