Friday, March 30, 2012

Letting Their 1959 Freak Flags Fly

So you married a cartoon figure who likes to travel around town by standing on your head and hoping you'll drop by his office. OK. Not going to argue with these two. They are probably deranged. Because look what they are carrying all over town, while dressed in their 1959 finery: enormous men's granny (grampy?) pants.

Meanwhile there are these cartoon guys standing right on their heads. The violinist on the left is all right, I guess. But the construction worker on top of the right hand lady's head is drilling into her head with a pneumatic drill. And she doesn't even seem to notice. How can she not notice?

What is that supposed to be about? I guess we're not supposed to be analyzing underwear ads too closely. They must have been counting on that.

And how are those jumbo pants supposed to fit the cartoon guys? If they are for other guys, who are the cartoon guys? Are they all bigamists?

If there are "two kinds of husbands" (presumably, musicians and construction workers, which is at best simplistic) then there are also two kinds of wives: the kind that walk around in public comparing their husbands' underpants, and those that don't. Are all of us who don't (and who never even thought of doing such a thing) supposed to be aspiring to this sort of behavior? Hanes, please. It's 1959, a good eleven years before anyone was supposed to be letting their freak flags fly.* And I really don't think that this is what Crosby Stills and Nash meant. Let's hope not.

*From their 1970 song, "Almost Cut My Hair."

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Leah H. said...

Those underwear wear really out of style, super size..LOL!