Monday, March 19, 2012

The Spaghetti Nest

LJ Vintage Ads
It is Lent, so you may be wanting some exciting meal suggestions right about now. Well, aren't you in luck? Because Anne Dixon's disembodied head has got an idea for you. She calls her meal Easter Eggs In Spaghetti Nests.

Translation: this would be canned Kia-ora Spaghetti with hard-boiled egg slices on top. The canned spaghetti makes an awfully sloppy nest, doesn't it? That's a lot of tomato sauce. I guess you just sort of float the hard boiled Easter Egg slices on the top.

And you must place some parsley on top, too. This is what makes a meal glamorous and enticing, you know. Also, you must serve this with a second can of Kia-ora Spaghetti right next to the dish - just so your family can see the, um, origins of your dinner. They will be so happy when they see that it came out of a can.

I was wondering what Kia-ora meant so I went looking for some answers (this is nothing if not a hard-hitting journalistic sort of blog and....actually, no it isn't, but I like looking things up). It is Maori for "be well" or "be healthy" (it really ought to be Maori for "don't be surprised by dinner"). Kia-ora Industries was an Australian company, though (this ad is from 1957, by the way). And Kia-Ora (with a capital O) was also used as the name of a line of fruit drinks in the UK around 1900. The tag line for the drinks was "We all adore a Kia-Ora." Not this one, though.

More Kia-ora Lent meal ideas right over here: Kia-ora Baked Beans in a stew, and some Spaghetti and Fish Ramekins. The stew is in the same casserole dish Anne Dixon used for her Spaghetti Nest. Coincidence? I think not.


Kath said...

Is that really spaghetti or the innards of a really embarrassed and sunburnt orangutan??

vanilla said...

The can is essential, much like giving credit to the aurhor of a quote. Don't want anyone getting the idea that Mum has time to cook these days. Busy, busy.

Shay said...

I seem to remember, vaguely, that a trademark dish at the Horn & Hardart Automats was fishcakes and spaghetti?

Marcheline said...

I'm confused by this ad for so many reasons, but mostly because this dish appears (from the outside) to be served in a Dutch oven, which is made of cast iron. I own one. It's black cast iron on the outside, black cast iron on the inside. But this one seems to be lined with a strange white substance. Is spag-N-eggs (ew!) made with some sort of pastry shell around the outside? Or is that layer of white some awful chemical reaction from the sulfur in the eggs meeting tomato sauce and cast iron?

We'll never know, because everyone that ate this stuff died.

Grandy said...

Appetizing indeed. LOL!! I can't even fathom why eggs and spaghetti would fall in the same pot together. :)

Shay said...

If this isn't the most repugnant thing you've ever posted, it's gotta be in the top six.


My authentication phrase is "reptalso chnksh" which sounds like the name of a person who would think up a recipe like this.