Friday, March 2, 2012

Un-Kemt and Mist-ified

LJ Vintage Ads 
Nobody told me that a Sleeping Beauty ould get into someone's hair. No wonder it's so tangled and hard to manage. How did she get in there, anyway? I mean, look at the back of the model's hairdo - there's room there. Fora little something. Tinkerbell, perhaps. Not Sleeping Beauty.

Mist-ifying is what this 1949 ad is. Just like they say. Why should we want anything to "wake up in our hair"? Why does the model look so annoyed? Why does it say just under her disembodied head* that Kemt comes in "two shades, light and dark" - have you ever heard of this, a hairspray - not a dye - coming in two shades? Or any shades?

But Kemt isn't just hairspray - why, no, it's "fairy spray." It's like "frosted breath," too. That's another fun image, standing out in the cold having someone breathe on your hair. Someone you know, hopefully. And you "float" the Kemt into your hair. Even though from the picture it looks like industrial-strength spray paint that's zapping the poor woman's head from behind. Stealthy, is what that Kemt Can is. Sleeping Beauty isn't going to wake up gradually, oh no. She'll bolt upright in a panic and think (as who wouldn't): how did I get here? Ugh, underbrush all around me, where am I?

And the Kemt can says: You're in the magical Forest of Upcomb. Just come out now and I'll stop blasting the model's head, all right? And then Sleeping Beauty and the Kemt Can will go grab some coffee. Which is what I need, having reread this. So will you, if you made it here to the end.

*This could explain her annoyance, come to think of it.

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Kath said...

Awl, bless her. I'm not sure if she looks annoyed or is just heartily sick of her husband saying, "Betty, you'll look UNkemt if you don't lay off the magic mist!'