Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Wishful Frosted Tumbler

So, here is the Self-Charging Beacon Siphon, an Amazing New Invention from 1926. If you wanted to transform your boring grape juice into a "zestful, sparkling, delicious, invigorating" festival of fizz, well - this was just the ticket.

It was pretty much just a container of soda water with a siphon on top. Which was all very well, because you could make your own soda fountain drinks without going to - well, a soda fountain. Presumably, you could even lug this to the beach* and enjoy some egg creams while sitting on a wool blanket in your striped long-john type bathing costume.

You would also have to bring along the Beacon Siphon's little sidekick, though.

Every Batman needs a Robin, and the Robin of this outfit was the Beacon Bottled Power - which is hiding modestly behind the Siphon and looks like a fire extinguisher. It looks a little dodgy, really. What do you suppose the Bottled Power was? I found the picture of the Beacon Bottled Power, there on the left (it was an expired posting so I can't give you a link) - looks like it really was a fire extinguisher, though - it is mentioned on a page about vintage fire extinguishers, here. I am thinking that this could be sort of risky (though I can't quite articulate how). A remarkable lot of bother to take just for a fizzy drink, wouldn't you say?

But what is even more remarkable about the Self-Charging Beacon Siphon is that (after you survive making the fizzy drink) it will turn you into a fantastically overwrought poet. Consider how the Beacon Siphon has inspired the writer of this ad:

Let your mouth water at the joy of champagne-like bubbles effervescing from a wishful, thirst-quenching, frosted tumbler of wine-grape juice or cider!

Wow. I have never had a wishful drink full of joyful champagne-like bubbles in my life - not even in a frosted tumbler. I wouldn't mind one later, though - just as long as I don't have to use a vintage fire extinguisher to make it.

*I know. I misread this as Beach Siphon - I don't know why. And it amused me to think of using this thing on the beach. Too lazy to change that bit now!


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