Monday, April 23, 2012

Adulton Education

This dramatic ad is from 1968, when I was six and an avid reader of the ads in my mother's magazines (little did I know that I'd end up writing about them so much, or even at all). But I must have missed this one. Back then when a I got a cold, I had to take either the Orange or the Purple. Orange was Triaminic, which they still make - but not in orange any more, I think. And back then there was only the Orange. I hated it. Purple was less viscous and slightly more palatable, but I can't recall what it was really called.

The grownups had Adulton, evidently. And just so they could tell it was for them, it was called - Adulton! And had a picture of an adult guy on the label, gazing upward in the way movie heroes do when they are contemplating a Daring Plot Twist. Maybe taking this is a daring thing to do. Because let's face it, the guy looks like he just had  - well, a dose of something horrible.

It looks like a guy's hand is holding the bottle, also. With a wedding ring. Are we sure that this is all right for unmarried adult women? Is the ad implying that single women should just keep on taking the "sweet syrup" that is in opposition to the Adulton's "strong medicine"? Honestly, if Adulton makes a person look as pained as the Bottle Guy, I think  that might be the way to go.

The guy on the right is from an Adulton commercial that is for sale on eBay - I was so hoping that I could find it on YouTube, because it looks really funny. I really want to know why he is wearing that fancy, shiny vest. Just the look for going to gamble on an old-timey steamboat going down the Missisippi. Wouldn't want to cough and hack all over the card table, would he?

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Kath said...

Adults are ON! The bottle reminds me shampoo though, so I guess you'd need to be sober or a terrible mistake could be made.....

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