Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost Like A Champagne Facial

Courtesy of Lisanne's photostream at Flickr
Three cheers! We can save the champagne for Saturday night, now. So stop pouring it in the sink and washing your face with it, Mitzi - Shulton has just come out with Desert Flower Beauty Ice. And apparently using this will exactly mimic sloshing champagne on your face.

You won't be able to drink the leftover Beauty Ice after a quick splash, that's true. But why not put your face on Ice anyway - or rather, Ice on your face. You can even wear your favorite shade of pastel aqua eyeshadow and take pride in the fact that you are so fashionable, you match your face cream.

No, wait. That's not right. It isn't a cream. It isn't a liquid. It is "shimmering blue-green solid moisture." Well, so is Dippity-Do, but that doesn't mean I want to put that on my face.

Or perhaps they are hinting that it is Jell-O. Because "shimmering blue-green solid moisture"* actually works as a description for certain kinds of retro edible, jellied molded things.

I tried to find a picture of Jell-O that looks like this. I didn't, but I found some other frightfully wonderful things to show you, pretty soon. Looking at weird vintage Jell-O ads: it's like bathing your face in a bowlful of Fizzies.

Has this made you anxious to peruse more Jell-O? Check out my friend Mimi's cucumber concoction at 1972: The Retro WW Experiment - and stay tuned for another fabulous Mid-Century Menu Gelatin Contest at The Mid-Century Menu. Other fun retro gelatin links? Please let me know! And thanks again to Lisanne (linked under the image) for the terrific ad image, ca 1958-60.

*Well, except for the "blue" part. Blue Jell-O wasn't even invented until the 1990s - apparently the inventor won an Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it, too.


Janet Rudolph said...

Very cool post...and funny! blue jello, indeed..

Lidian said...

Janet - Indeed! I really really wanted to find pale aqua Jell-O in a retro ad, though...

Marcheline said...

I think I'd rather stick my head in a bucket of actual champagne.... yeahhhhh!