Friday, April 20, 2012

The Amazing Toolzon

Modern Mechanix (ad from 1950)
I am having One of Those Days when I will be running around pretty literally and maybe I'm writing about this because I will be multitasking, as we say now.

Or trying to. Maybe I need the Toolzon. Too bad I'm not making a few cakes and then waxing the floor. If I was, this is just what I'd want to have on hand. Because first the soup's on, then the Toolzon. Quite literally, really. This charming retro invention allows you to mix up a cake, then shift gears and turn your mixing bowl into "a portable sanding, waxing, buffing unit."

Calling this "an amazing new attachment" barely does justice to it. Or to the mind that came up with it. Who invents this sort of thing, do you think? Who would want to buy and use it? I have no idea. 

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Tracy Marie said...

LOL!! I'm sure it was a great idea at the time. It's a space saver for sure! No need to store a drill, mixer, buffer, etc. :)

Love you blog!