Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Architects' Costume Party

Popular Science, April 1931
As the caption says (in case you were wondering): "These are not real buildings; they are merely architects at play." That's good to know, isn't it? This little recreation of the New York skyline was part of the fun at the Beaux Arts Ball in New York back in 1931. And the best part was that each architect in this skyline was wearing a costume based on the building he actually designed. At the far right, J. H. Freedlander is sporting the entire Museum of the City of New York right on top of his head. I wonder if they were lining up for a costume contest. It would be awfully hard to choose a favorite, though I do love the fellow in the middle, Mr. Chrysler Building (aka William Van Alen), in his striped sleeves and astonishing headdress.

Just like these fun-loving architects from 1931, you'll want any party costumes that you wear to be both striking and gorgeous - even if you can't dress up as the building you designed. It isn't just the outfits that make a great costume party, though. After the architects got tired of posing in front of that curtain, they probably went off - as you'll want to - to eat delicious snacks, drink refreshing cocktails and dance (too bad there aren't pictures of these guys doing the Charleston). You'll want to do all that, too, and beautiful party supplies such as fun name tags, table cloths, napkins and paper plates will help create just the right atmosphere. They can reinforce a theme for your party too (such as, say - architecture). For a mysterious masked costume party, you may even want to want a few natural wax candles around the room to set the mood.

It's a great idea, when you're looking for a variety of interesting party supplies, to check out comparison shopping sites online, which bring together a variety of great items under one virtual roof. You can have almost as much fun shopping that way, as you will dressing up and enjoying a great party full of costumed friends and special party lights, paper plates and favors. Just make sure that any of your guests who come dressed as skyscrapers stay away from those natural wax candles.


Rose said...

Love it! That is really dorky.

Cari Hislop said...

Architects dressed up as their buildings? I Love it! It's bizarre.

I spent three Halloweens working in a costume shop (which killed all my love of dressing up). In the end I also gave up trying to help people party more creatively and just showed them where the monk/nun outfits were hanging (unless they wanted to spend the evening with a large rubber thing/mask over their head - which many did). It never once occurred to me that anyone would want to dress up as a building. If I was an architect though maybe I would have thought of it. I wonder how many architects go into costume shops and feel underrepresented.

Lidian said...

Rose - I know! I loved it as soon as I saw it :)

Cari - I've never seen anyone dressed as a building either, but it actually looks kind of cute!