Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At Home On the Beach

At beautiful Kure Beach, North Carolina
Kure Beach is a lovely little town just south of Wilmington, North Carolina. Pronouced "curry," it was named for its founder, Hans Andersen Kure, who came to this part of North Carolina with his family in 1867.

Kure Beach is located on Pleasure Island, which used to be known as the Federal Point Peninsula. It really is an island, though, because it is surrounded by water: the Atlantic, the Cape Fear River, Snow's Cut and Corncake Inlet. As you can see from the photo on the left, it is indeed a deeply pleasurable place to visit, to vacation, or to live. There are shops, restaurants, a large fishing pier and even a boardwalk.

If only I was in the market for a vacation home on the beach! Outstanding weather, white sandy beaches with no crowds, and tons of great shops and restaurants in town make this a wonderful place to look for a house. It is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit - and since I dream of living close to beaches and water, I'd probably be checking out all the real estate ads while I was there - with great longing. This photo reminds me strongly of the New England beaches I loved as a child - minus the harsh New England winters, though. North Carolina has a much more temperate climate, along with its gorgeous beaches.

And now that I'm older, I also have the power of the internet to help me dream about houses on the beach and to show me that Kure Beach real estate is a great investment. There are some excellent sites out there with tons of information, and at the link you can even make a full MLS search for exactly the right place for you. I might just grab a Coke (a Diet one for me) and have a good look. As the ad on the right says - see you at the beach!

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