Monday, April 16, 2012

A Breathtaking Offer

When you think of mouthwash, do you usually think about the ocean? Seawater? Coral reefs? Thought not. But this 1960s mouthwash was called - Reef.

Why? And why is it being pelted with confetti? Or perhaps the breathtaking transistor radio - for a special low price if you enclose one Reef label, so hurry! - is being pelted with confetti. Who knows. This is a mysterious ad. An enigma wrapped in a mouthwash label. It's a breathtaking offer, all right.

When dinner's done, I leef
The dining table with a sense of great relief
And turn my thoughts to not-a-coral Reef;
It washes off the fragments of roast beef
And anything else that might be underneef
And makes a cleansing tide between my teef
At least that is my belief

And that's all she wrote. For today, anyway.


Dieter Moitzi said...

Your Reef-poem'f a hoot! Made me fpit hot coffee all over my keyboard... Do you fink Reef'f gonna clean the fpace between the keyf, or am I completely loft now? I gueff I've got a teenfie problem already...

Kath said...

Nice one!

"Your breath is bad enough that even the DJ is dying - try Reef for your Teef and give the announcer some relief!"