Friday, April 27, 2012

Call of the Waikiki

Sans Souci Hotel, Waikiki, in the 1890s
When Jack London (author of Call of the Wild) visited Waikiki in 1893, it was already well known both as a neighborhood in the city of Honolulu and for the beach of the same name - one of the most famous beaches in the world. In the Victorian era, Waikiki was were the wealthy went to rest and play. London stayed at a little hotel called Sans Souci ("Without Worries"). Robert Louis Stevenson stayed there, too.

Waikikim with Diamond Head in the background
Waikiki Beach - Waikiki means "spouting fresh water" in Hawaiian - has beautiful views of Diamond Head, a volcanic tuff cone (huge cone of volcanic ash), and is home to many high rise hotels and resorts. But what I dream of (as I've written about before) is of living in a house near the beach - not just staying in a hotel.

Eyman-Judson House, Honolulu
A full service Honolulu real estate firm can really help you find something special in Waikiki Condos and real estate - the perfect property out of tons of listings and homes for sale. You know what I'd love to own? One of the older Hawaiian-style bungalows that were really popular in Honolulu back in the 1910s and 1920s. Check out this gorgeous house, the Jessie Eyman-Wilma Judson House - built in 1926 for two nurses originally from the Midwest. It is now a National Historic landmark, so I won't be able to live there. But I am going to keep dreaming about a 1920s bungalow not too far from Waikiki. At least I can enjoy looking through real estate sites online and check out all the homes for sale, properties large and small - maybe even peek at a few condos. I'll be all ready if I ever get the chance to go to Hawaii.

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U.S. Common Sense said...

Use to live there 30 years ago. Such a lovely place. Not too many places like Hawaii, but unfortunately, it has grown so overcrowded. I guess everyone wants a piece of paradise. :(