Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Daring Wine

I've written about these Virginia Dare ads before. Usually Virginia herself - imagine Ginger Rogers dressed up like the 1940s Hollywood version of a Pilgrim - appears after a couple of sadsacks throw a party. They are bemoaning the fact that everyone left, or hid their drinks behind the potted plants - or both.

Virginia tells them it's because they need to serve guests her special wine. And then - well, you know what happens. They all drank happily ever after, et cetera.

So this ad is a welcome change of pace, showing things from the guests' point of view. And honestly - what do you think? Are they actually enjoying drinking this stuff? It's really hard to tell:

It doesn't taste like port.
It doesn't taste like sherry.
It doesn't taste like burgundy.

Yeah, okay. Thanks to all the wine experts at the top of the ad. But what does it taste like? The debonair old guy with the enormous speech bubble tells them (and us, always us too) that Virginia's special hooch is "exciting to discover...different from any you've ever known."

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So is wine made from asparagus but that doesn't mean it is delicious. Actually, I just picked asparagus as a totally unlikely and weird wine ingredient before I looked it up. I was really surprised to see that there was such a thing!

According to the link source (an 1877 periodical) the Romans used to drink that. Also, there was a Victorian medicinal wine called Dr. Yates' Asparagus Wine. It was supposed to be good for the kidneys; in traditional medicine, asparagus is used as a diuretic so there you go. The things I find out when I'm writing posts never fail to amaze me.

Anyway, yes - Virginia Dare Wine. As in, I Virginia Dare you to figure out exactly what this stuff does taste like. We already have a pretty good idea of what it doesn't taste like. I guess as long as it doesn't have asparagus in it, your guests will be OK.

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Janet Rudolph @ DyingforChocolate said...

Love these Virginia Dare ads. You must do a guest post on Mystery Fanfare about this.. I liked the hidden glasses, too!